Artist management

 Artist : Muzikayise PooeIMG_20130408_004148


Muzikayise Pooe sings from experience and emotions. He was born with no arms and no legs. To most this would be a great detriment, but to Muzi it was a challenge to triumph. Realizing it was about how he perceived his own situation, Muzi changed the course of his life. He has a purpose. Muzi hopes people gather strength from him and tap into their own worth. Music has helped him to deal with his disability, to find comfort and reason to live. He has not let his disability stop him from achieving his dreams.
Music Genres: Gospel-Soul-Afro-pop-Urban music-House

Previous Events:


Muzi Pooe Participated in the 7th All Africa Games 99 in South Africa.


Invited to perform at both the opening and closing ceremony of wheelchair basket ball tournament.
Perform for the wheelchair Dance competition.
Invited by Ithembelihle LSEN school to both perform and to motive young disabled kids
Invited to perform at the Zoo Lake for Cultural day.


Muzi was awarded by APD Achiever of the year certificate and wording on the certificate read.

The Association for the Physically Disabled – Greater Johannesburg proudly presents this award to Muzikayise Pooe not only for his courage in managing the challenges of his everyday life, but for his devotion and determination which has lead to him winning a solo award of the SADMA which could be the start of a successful singing career. We believe that he will pursue his future goals with the same vigor and continue to act as an inspiration for all people with physical disabilities.


Performed for the Joburg Intel Computer clubhouse and to also motive young kids
Performed at ABSA

All you need is love helped the group to record their music in professional studio.
Invited to perform at Wits University for disability awareness campaign organized by Wits.
Performed on Gospel Time music show on SABC 2
Featured on Crux TV show.
Invited by the International Church of God to perform.
Performed at the fair well party for Ithembelihle LSEN School.
Performed at Shivava Café.

Performed at the International Girl Scouts event at Birchwood where 150 international delegates were invited for the conference.
Performed at the APD disability awareness campaign.
Performed at the Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa.
Invited to perform for the South African Paralympics team at gala Dinner.
Was invited at Department of Arts and Culture to motivate and perform for the department.

Invited to take part in the disability awareness campaign at Momentum Head office.
Performed for SALGA disability awareness campaign.
Did a radio interview with Criselda Kananda on Metro FM
Invited to perform at the Nedbank Head Office by APD
Invited to perform at the APD AGM
Invited to perform at the A.C.S.A Woman empowerment
Invited to perform at the A.C.S.A Disability Expo 2009
Did a radio interview with DJ Sbu on YFM-03.11.09 about disability month


Invited to perform at the Standard bank disability awareness day
Performed at Endaweni Shisanyama
Invited to perform at the Disability day
Invited to perform at the Unisa disability awareness day


Invited to perform at the Burial Society Indaba 2011
Performed for  the handover at Vodaworld and Orlando Pirates FC for the Mobile wheel
Performed at the APD Sports day
Invited to at National disability awards

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